5 Awesome Healing Crystals/Stones for Holistic Health

Group stones

I thoroughly believe in the healing power that natural stones and healing crystals provide. They create a subtle change in energy fields on a mental, physical, emotional, creative and metaphysical level. You can roll them around in your palm, wear them in jewelry and use them as an additive to your mediation routine.

Here are my favorite five and their purposes.

Clear Quartz:







A colorless tone that it is often used with other stones to amplify their properties as it promotes the clearing of negative, unwanted auras. It helps brings a sense of clarity to situations and aids as symbolism for truth by making things “crystal clear”.


Rose Quartz:

rose quartz






Ranging from pink to white, this stone is known as the stone of the heart. It promotes healing of past hurts and negative disturbance in relationships. It produces a calming and gentle feeling and invites loving energy around you.









Another type of quartz, can be found in many different shades of purple. It is well known for its ability to aid in meditation practices, increase prophetic (psychic) abilities and spiritual awareness. It is also used to help create emotional stability and increase intellect.









Found in a range of oranges and reds, this stone is best suitable for increasing creative energy and focus as well as compassion. It is also used for stimulating passion because it vibrates with the second chakra.









This blue-green stone is nest known as a spiritual protection amulet and is used to promotes knowledge of the truth within. It is also noted as symbolism for wealth throughout many ancient cultures.


These awesome stones promote balance within your whole being. Through mind, body and soul meditations, affirmations and supernatural energy fields, these stones can help to shift your world for astronomical greatness!

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